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Progressive Action Society, Inc.

"Building A Better Community"  

MISSION:  To promote a more viable, economic, social, political and cultural environment among the citizens of our community.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To provide and or aid in cultural and social activities for the benefit of the community.


Brief Overview:

During the mid-1970's when the late Charles Davis, Dr. Lorenzo Laws, Rev. W.C. Stafford, Dr. Frank Williams, Anthony V. Cadore and several others who are no longer with us saw the need for such an organization, they adopted the motto "Building a Better Community".  

"We have served this community by providing a well kept place all year long for non-profit groups to meet, and other organizations and private citizens to come and have a meeting, family get togethers, parties, tutoring classes, etc., at a low cost rental fee.  During any given year we serve thousands of patrons.  Until 2018 we maintained an average of 10-12 volunteers and members that spent more than 2,000 hours during the past year serving at this site.  We have no one who is county staff. 

We are a North Brevard Parks & Recreation partner organization located at Gibson Community Center and a 501c3 tax exempt organization located within a Federal HubZone, Federal Opportunity Zone, and the City of Titusville's South Street Target Area (SSTA).